Gas Line Repair in Arlington TX

When your gas line starts leaking, it is not just an inconvenience but an emergency. Although the line needs an immediate fix, this is something you should leave to the professionals instead of trying to patch it up yourself.

If you suspect a gas leak, it’s essential to take immediate action and call professionals for your gas line repair.

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What To Do When You Suspect Gas Leak

  • Open the doors and windows
  • Shut off the gas valve if possible
  • Switch off all the electrical devices
  • Evacuate the area
  • Call gas line repair in Arlington or Mansfield
  • Wait for the specialists to repair your leaking gas line

You can call us whether you need gas line repair in Arlington or Mansfield. We are available in both areas.

How can we help with your gas leak repair? 

To fix a gas leak, you may not need an extensive repair done on your system. Normal wear and tear may mean your gas leak needs nothing more complicated than replacing a few fittings.

Remember! A natural gas leak can’t be ignored. Even if a suspected leak in your house turns out to be a false alarm, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

A professional’s involvement is essential to diagnose the issue, whether it’s a mechanical problem with your gas water heater or you have a break in a pipe somewhere in or around your home. We can also help with gas line work during water heater installation or for an air conditioner replacement.

Give us a call, your Arlington & Mansfield gas leak repair company, to determine the extent of repairs you need.

Signs of Gas Leak 

Sometimes gas leaks are really obvious because there’s a strong smell that accompanies a leak, but other gas leaks aren’t so noticeable. Here are a few obvious signs of a gas leak.

  • Rotten egg smell
  • Dead plants near the pipe
  • Strange sounds near the gas appliances
  • Clouds of dirt in the air
  • Bubbles of unknown origin in ponds
  • Fire after gas ignition

Unfortunately, not all gas leaks are courteous and announce their arrival. Sometimes, detecting gas leaks means remaining aware of physical symptoms related to carbon monoxide poisoning and the common gas leak symptoms. You may experience headaches, dizziness, and vomiting in case of a gas leak. Other gas leak side effects include confusion, nausea, and fatigue.

Importance of a Gas Leak Detector

Your Arlington home should be protected by a carbon monoxide detector, and it’s a good idea to keep this small device in good working condition, just like your smoke detector. You can’t smell carbon monoxide, so you might not realize when it’s accumulating until it’s too late, and you’ve passed out from inhaling the fumes.

You may also want to invest in a natural gas leak detector that will detect natural, propane, liquid, butane, or methane gas in your home. Speak to a professional about keeping your home safe between maintenance visits. Gas leak detectors are available in your local stores in Arlington and Mansfield.

Important! If you notice a gas leak smell, exit your home immediately and call for help. Don’t use any devices, lighters, or any kind of spark inducers in the home, and leave as soon as you can. Remember to stand well away from the home before you make a phone call. External gas leaks can occur, too, so you want to keep a safe distance.


Gas Leak FAQs

What to do if you smell gas and suspect a gas leak issue?

Gas leaks can be extremely dangerous! If you smell gas, shut off everything, including the electrical devices and gas valve, open the windows, leave the area and call us at (817) 200-4703 or another gas line repair service provider.

What can cause a gas pipe leak?

One of the most common reasons a gas leak occurs is a problem in the system of pipes that runs all-around your home. The risks of a gas leak in your home increases with each additional appliance you own that runs on gas. Each of those appliances or machines requires maintenance, just like the pipes running throughout your home.

Another reason for a gas pipe leak may be bad ventilation. Poor ventilation or a broken fan can allow gas to leak into a home, and that’s one of the reasons why keeping up with the maintenance of your home’s gas appliances is so essential. Safe and functional pipes only work well if your appliances are in a safe condition, too.

How much does a gas leak repair cost?

The cost may vary depending on the type of issue you are facing and on what is causing the gas leak. But, we will discuss every option to make sure our service is affordable for you.

How does a gas detector work?

Gas leak detectors monitor gas levels in the air. These start beeping very loudly once they detect a higher than normal concentration of gas in the air. Gas detectors can use infrared, electrochemical, or catalytic sensors to get the job done. Whichever you choose, it is still going to serve the same purpose of monitoring gas levels in the air.

Can gas leak kill you?

Low levels of gas in the air may not have an instant effect on you, but if you are constantly exposed to gas at home, that may have serious side effects on your overall health.

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