Water Line Repair and Replacement in Arlington Texas

Your water line runs from street to house, and delivers water to your home from the city’s supply. Surprising to some homeowners, water line repair can often become the homeowner’s responsibility. This is true in the Arlington area. We will discuss which party should cover replacement service in detail below. But first, let’s discuss why and when service line replacement is needed in your home. What causes this plumbing problem, and what are the signs of an approaching concern?

When is Service Line Replacement is Necessary?

Nothing lasts forever, and there may come a time when your home requires water line repair in Arlington or the surrounding DFW area. How long does it take for a water line problem to show up? This is hard to estimate, and varies per house.

There is no set lifespan for a main water line, and many factors leading to these plumbing problems. However, it’s common for a water service line to last 50 to 60 years. A big caveat is if you have a lead or galvanized pipe connected to your water main. These will not only deteriorate, but pose health risks to drinking water.

lf you don’t currently have a leak, but are considering lead service line replacement due to a lead pipe, we are here to help you evaluate your options. All Masters Plumbing routinely performs water line installation and repair in Arlington, TX and all across DFW. We can share options if you are thinking about proactive replacement.

Do you have a more urgent water line issue? Our experienced and licensed plumbers provide accurate diagnostics to ensure we target the exact location of your water line problem for an affordable price. (And this includes trenchless water line replacement for minimal disturbance well.) Ask about our current discount on water line replacement.

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What Causes Water Service Line Problems?

There are several issues that may cause you to replace the main line of the water system to your home. Similar to any other hard-working part of your plumbing system, it is not uncommon for your service line pipes to simply deteriorate over time. This is especially true in lead pipe replacement. But even outside of the concerns of lead in drinking water, a water line problem can result from a variety of things, including:

  • Root intrusion to main water line
  • Corrosion of lead or old pipes from water hardness
  • Drastic temperature changes damaging service line pipes when PVC
  • Shifting or settling of building structure causing cracks to a pipe
  • Landscaping or utility mishaps resulting in a broken pipe

What are Signs of a Main Water Line Problem?

There are a number of signs that may indicate a water line leak. Let’s discuss the top 3 signs to watch for.

First, you might be experiencing unusually low water pressure in your home. Low pressure can happen occasionally, but if it is sustained and becomes routine, get it checked out.

Second, a higher than average water bill is another symptom that water line repair might be required. Please note, there can be seasonal peaks during Summer watering cycles, or when filling up a swimming pool. However, water bills that continually increase are sure signs of a water leak.

Third, strange sounds such as whistling, hissing, or gurgling at water fixtures can be another sign there is an issue with your main line or water system.

These are the top signs to be aware of, which might not be as obvious as a water line leak or broken pipe that is visibly affecting your water supply. If you suspect your plumbing system has an issue, give us a call today.

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Who is Responsible for Water Pipes on My Property?

When you experience a water line leak or broken pipe supplying your plumbing system, your first thought might be to call the city. However, the cost often falls to the homeowner. While the responsible party is ultimately determined by your city code, here is a “general” rule of thumb that often applies.

Water Line from Street to Meter: City is Responsible

It’s not good news that you may need main water line replacement. But, if the plumbing issue or damaged pipe is located before your meter, the good news is that the city will be responsible. (This also includes the water main.)

Water Line from Meter to House: Homeowner is Responsible

It’s pretty common for water service line repairs to occur after the water meter, and closer to the house. This will be your responsibility to pay for the repair, replacement, or if needed a new water line installation.

When to Consider Water Line Replacement in Arlington TX?

Repair vs. Replace: Why go through all the trouble and expense of water line replacement if a simple repair is an option? We always make an attempt to first repair your lines and save you money. But, fixing an old pipe is sometimes not an option.

This is true when the damaged pipe is lead or galvanized pipe. Additionally, the existing pipe might be fully deteriorated, or has already experienced multiple repairs. If this is true, the best way to resolve the issue is with a new water line installation.

Code Requirements: Additionally, you may find that a new main line is required during home expansions or renovations. The city may require it as a code upgrade stipulation while seeking your building permit.

This can be especially true when your project takes place around your existing pipe, but can also be due to city efforts to upgrade the existing water supply pipe from lead to PVC. Older cities are often in the process of water main replacement projects themselves, and strongly encourage you to do your part. Code upgrades are one way they “encourage” this.

Regardless the reason, All Masters Plumbing is prepared to tackle any water line repairs or replacement needs you may have.

Special Note: while the water supply plumbing issue is related to the subject of leak detection, it shouldn’t be confused with under slab leak repairs located in the home’s foundation. This requires a very different diagnostic and repair protocol. This is also true of sewer repair, where trenchless methods such as CIPP are crucial.

How Much is the Water Line Replacement Cost Near Me?

A most common question relates to the cost to install new water supply lines when a damaged pipe cannot be fixed. There are two methods plumbers offer as a main water line replacement service.

Traditional or Tunnel:

The most common method of dealing with this plumbing problem is digging up the service line. This is more labor intensive, thus is usually more expensive as well. Additionally, this method causes the most amount of disturbance to your yard, landscaping, flower beds, and potentially sidewalks.

The location of your line repair relative to your house and possible obstacles is often a main factor of consideration. However, the next trenchless method is often preferred.

Trenchless Water Line Replacement:

Trenchless water line repair is often preferred today. Using special equipment, the technician will “pull” the new service line directly through the existing pipe. This doesn’t require them digging up the yard, flower beds, and they can navigate under concrete.

Only small entry points will be dug at both ends of the trenchless water line repair area, depending upon your setup. This will often save considerable time and money, so let’s explore how trenchless repair works.


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Our Main Technique: Trenchless Water Line Repairs

Trenchless water line repair technology has come a long way, and is the best method to simplify the upgrade of your water pipe. All Masters Plumbing utilizes the most up to date trenchless repair technology. Typically, the hardest and most time consuming aspect of the job is digging a trench down to the previous service line.

Digging a trench comes with the added inconvenience of possibly digging up your grass, garden, or even your sidewalks or driveway. No one wants to see their landscaping or garden be torn up because of a plumbing issue.

There is no telling how or where your lines were initially laid. We have seen some very interesting things! While they should be run directly from the water main / water meter located near the street directly to your home, at times indirect angles or short cuts were taken. This can make repairs disruptive, and lead to digging up everything in between when trenches are required. (Note: Configuration issues can also be true in sewer line repairs, we discus this in detail here.)

Luckily, our trenchless water line replacement technique makes life much easier by running a brand-new line using an installation head to connect it to the previous plumbing lines. This process is code-compliant and is made to last you for at least a 100 years! The best part is this whole process only takes one day.

This efficient approach to fixing the plumbing system makes the trenchless method cost much less than the old trench-digging alternative. Contact us for more information, and we will provide you with a quote for trenchless repair. We are plumbers based in Arlington TX, but we also serve homeowners in Mansfield , Allen , Plano , Richardson, HEB, and beyond.

Does homeowner’s insurance cover water line replacement?

This depends upon the nature of your plumbing problem. What caused the damage to your water system? Was something external determined to be the cause of your water line problem? If yes, your homeowner’s insurance will often cover the line repair. For example, this could be a fallen tree, a sinkhole, or any other “external act” that comes to mind.

Is your water line issue is a result of internal malfunction or breakdown, meaning it has worn out or was damaged without outside involvement?

If yes, you will be responsible for the water leak repair. Note: some home warranty’s do cover this in events such as a pipe bursting, often an add-on to the warranty along with the sewer line. If you have a home warranty, it’s worth a call to see if they will help cover costs.

Lead Pipe Replacement in Arlington and DFW Area

While no longer used in newer homes, lead pipes are still quite prominent in older properties – which is not good to have as it poses risks. This is very true in older areas we service in Arlington, TX and greater DFW at large.

Our licensed plumbing team recognizes the importance of lead service line replacement because it can cause leakage to your cooking, bathing, and drinking water. With lead pipes, the toxins within lead can be absorbed into your body through different ways. These toxins can cause you to experience many different health problems and symptoms.

Here are some common side effects of (unintentionally) consuming lead:

  • Chronic nausea
  • Abdominal pain
  • Depression
  • Heart disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Possible neurological problems

These symptoms of consuming lead in the water can occur after any amount of lead consumption. No amount of lead toxins are safe or acceptable. You can read more about these lead facts published by the EPA, here.

Medical and environmental experts both consistently advice against any use of lead pipes. The worst part about lead consumption, even accidental lead consumption, is that the toxins are stored by your body within bone and muscle tissue.

This causes the symptoms to continue to affect you even after you remove yourself from the lead exposure. This risk is especially threatening to children with lower body weight than adults.

Do You Need Lead Service Line Replacement in Arlington Texas?

You can identify a lead pipe by its color; if it is a dull silver color, it is probably lead. Lead pipes tend to be more thin than typical water pipes, and they are connected to other pieces of hardware via a wipe joint. The lead itself has a powder-like coat over the soft metal, and when the powdery overcoat is scratched at it will make way for the shinier lead underneath.

Lead pipes work well for nearly 40 years without concern, but unfortunately many of the currently installed lead plumbing lines around DFW are already reaching that age, especially in the Arlington, TX area.

After 40 years, lead pipes begin to corrode and create all kinds of health concerns. When your lead pipes reach this age, it is highly recommended to replace the entire line instead of a lead pipe repair.

Replacement is generally preferred, and some municipalities offer incentives or credits for upgrade as seen here for Arlington. This is especially true if the city is undertaking water main replacement to homes in the area, so inquire about it.

It is important to keep in mind that replacing your existing lead pipes (with safer options like copper pipe or PVC) can significantly add to the overall value of your house, as well as keep you safe from potential lead-induced health issues.

Need Replacement Service Due to an Old Pipe, Leak, or Pipe Bursting? We Can Help.

Regardless of what is behind your water line issue, we are here to both troubleshoot and help. Give us a call for plumbing service in the Arlington area, or anywhere in DFW.

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