Your water line supplies water to your home from the city’s supply, and your responsibility begins on the other side of the water meter. There comes a time in any home when your water line needs to be replaced in Arlington and the surrounding areas; sometimes there are technical issues, sometimes the water line has simply reached the end of its lifespan. When that time comes, All Masters Plumbing is here to do the job right in Arlington, TX and across DFW. Our affordable and licensed services ensure that you get the results you need for a good price.

Our water line replacement techs are prepared to undertake this task, and is ready to help you get everything done as efficiently as possible.

At All Masters Plumbing, we have access to the most advanced trenchless line equipment and diagnostic knowledge to help us find the perfect solution for your individual home’s water lines. We offer competitive pricing, so you don’t need to worry about sacrificing the final quality just to save a little money. With our efficient water line replacement team, we’ll have your water lines working and running in no time. Our residential plumbing services in Allen, TX will improve the plumbing in your home right away.

Why Should You Replace Your Water Line in Arlington TX?

There are various reasons that may cause you to need to replace the water lines in your home. Similar to any other hard-working part of your home plumbing system, it is not uncommon for your water lines to simply wear down over time. This can be the result of a number of things, including:

  • Root intrusion
  • Corrosion of lead or metal pipes
  • Drastic temperature change causing the lines to move

When something goes wrong with your water line, your first thought might be tree root removal. Why go through all the trouble of replacing the whole line if a simple repair is an option? Unfortunately, repairing the line is not always a possible path. We always make an attempt to repair your lines and save you money. However, and especially after multiple repairs, the best way to resolve the issue completely is to replace the entire line. This is also a necessary measure when any home expansions or renovations are involved, as the city may require it. Whatever the reason, All Masters Plumbing is prepared to tackle any water line repairs or replacement needs you may have. Note: water line repairs are different than a common question we receive surrounding under slab leak repairs.

The water line replacement cost is well worth it in the end because it should last for the duration of your home’s life. Replacing the main water line from meter to house is ideal because at a certain point, the lines simply are no longer repairable. This happens when:

  • The lines have undergone too many repairs
  • The lines are galvanized
  • The lines are made of lead pipes

Lead Pipe Replacement in Arlington and DFW Area

While no longer used in newer homes, lead plumbing is still quite prominent in older properties – which is not good to have at all as it poses risks. Our licensed plumbing team recognizes the importance of replacing old lead pipes because these can lead to lead leakage into your cooking, bathing, and even drinking water. With lead pipes, the toxins within lead are absorbed into your body through different ways. These toxins can cause you to experience many different health problems and symptoms.

Here are some common side effects of (unintentionally) consuming lead:

  • Chronic nausea
  • Abdominal pain
  • Depression
  • Heart disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Possible neurological problems

These symptoms can occur after any amount of lead consumption; no amount of lead toxins are safe. Medical and environmental experts both consistently advice against any use of lead pipes. The worst part about lead consumption, even accidental lead consumption, is that the toxins are stored by your body within bone and muscle tissue. This causes the symptoms to continue to affect you even after you remove yourself from the lead exposure.

You can identify a lead pipe by its color; if it is a dull silver color, it is probably lead. Lead pipes tend to be more thin than typical water pipes, and they are connected to other pieces of hardware via a wipe joint. The lead itself has a powder-like coat over the soft metal, and when the powdery overcoat is scratched at it will make way for the shinier lead underneath.

Lead pipes work well for nearly 40 years without concern, but unfortunately many of the currently installed lead plumbing lines are already reaching that age, especially in the Arlington, Texas area. After 40 years, lead pipes begin to corrode and create all kinds of health concerns. When your lead pipes reach this age, it is highly recommended to replace the entire line instead of a lead pipe repair. Replacement is generally preferred because it is often the case that the lead pipes at fault are in crucial locations, like behind tub or shower enclosures for example.

Having lead pipes might make you consider, “How much does it cost to put in a new water line?” It is important to keep in mind that replacing your dangerous lead pipes (with safer options like copper or PVC) can significantly add to the overall value of your house as well as keep you safe from potential lead-induced health issues.

Our Main Technique: Trenchless Water Line Repairs

trenchless-water-line-repair-and-replacement-arlington-texasTrenchless technology is the best way to simplify the repairs of your water lines and save you money. All Masters Plumbing utilizes the most up to date trenchless repair technology. Typically, the hardest part of water line repairs is that it is time consuming and difficult to dig a trench down to the previous line. Digging a trench comes with the added inconvenience of possibly digging up your grass, garden, or even your driveway. No one wants to see their landscaping or garden be torn up because of a water line issue that unknowingly came with your home. Water lines are run directly from the water meter located near the street to your home, so it can lead to digging up everything in between. (Note: Drain cleaning services and sewer repair are related, but discussed elsewhere in detail.)

Luckily, our trenchless water line replacement technique makes life much easier by running a brand-new line using an installation head to connect it to the previous plumbing lines. This process is code-compliant and is made to last you for at least 100 years. The best part is, this whole process only takes one day! This efficient system makes the trenchless water line replacement cost much lower than the trench-digging alternative. Contact us for more information and we will provide you with a free quote for either a partial water line replacement or a full water line replacement. We are plumbers based in Arlington TX, but also serving homeowners in Mansfield, Allen, Plano, Richardson, and beyond.

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