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Looking for a Plumber in Arlington Tx “Near Me” You Can Rely On?

All Masters Plumbing is proud to be a top-rated Arlington Tx plumber that services the entire DFW Metroplex, from Collin County to Tarrant. Our expert plumbers are both licensed and experienced and will respond fast with all types of plumbing services with competitive rates. We are a full-service plumbing company, able to serve both residential and commercial needs including drain cleaning (sewer repair), water heater repair/replacement, slab leak detection & repair, water line repair/replacement (including money-saving trenchless installation), and more. We offer competitive rates, and as licensed plumbers based in Arlington, we also warranty and guarantee our work.

Arlington Plumbing Contractors Who Care About Service

As a long-standing member of the Arlington community, we offer a combined 28+ years of plumbing experience. We are owned and operated by two master plumbers who care about both our customers and our community. Our company vision is to provide quality work that we stand behind, and to treat our residential and commercial customers with respect and service.


Many homeowners are looking for a “plumber near me”, but we are not just Arlington plumbers. Our service area covers the entire DFW Metro. Our goal is to form long-term relationship with our customers, and service their needs for a lifetime. Where do you need plumbing service? We promise to do it right every time and warranty everything that we do.

Servicing the Greater DFW Area for All Your Plumbing Needs:


All Masters plumbing puts the power back into our customer’s hands by offering affordable, low-pressure options to every plumbing situation. Our licensed Arlington Texas plumbers will evaluate the problem, get to the root, and offer you an experienced solution for your home or business. We are proud to be both an Elite Service Professional at Home Advisor, as well as great ratings with the BBB. These awards are based on customer satisfaction from those who have relied upon us as Arlington TX plumbers and for services throughout the DFW metro area. We look forward to speaking with you today!

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Arlington Tx Plumbing Service

Our goal is to form a kind lengthy-term relationship with our customers, and repair their needs for a lifetime. We promise to do it proper every time and guarantee everything that we do. Tankless water heaters warmth water without using a storage tank.
Tankless water heaters are popular because they’ve an extended life span, are extra power efficient and are smaller than tank water heaters. Their power effectiveness helps you lower your expenses in your monthly utility bills.

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Arlington Plumbers Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Drains Get Clogged?

If you have experienced a clogged drain in your kitchen or bathroom, it could be for a variety of reasons.

One of the more common causes of clogged drains is an almost plaque-like residue that is filled with fat which eventually prevents water from flowing through the pipe. It is difficult to completely prevent the eventual blockage over time.

If you find that it takes too long for the water to drain off after you’ve removed the stopper, it’s time to have your kitchen sink examined. Keep on reading to find out how you can avoid clogged drains, and reduce the cost of sewer cleaning in Arlington by reducing congestion and keeping our sewage system in good condition.

How Can I Prevent a Clogged Drain?

Most of these simple options do not restrict typical functions in the house and require only a few behavioral changes. Do your best to keep food out of the kitchen sink by throwing uneaten food in the trash after washing the dishwasher. Use the garbage can whenever possible instead of pushing it down the water plumbing pipes.

Also, try to keep any hair away from the sink and put a plug on it while you get ready every morning to reduce the likelihood of hair falling down the water drain.

Tip: Try to designate a special container into which you can fill food and use it for composting.

What’s a slab leak?

A slab leak is a plumbing problem beneath your floor. The term is often used by insurance companies for a plumbing problem where there is a leak in a water line that runs below a concrete floor, but industry experts sometimes call it a leak in the foundation.

How Much Does it Cost to Completely Replace Plumbing in a House?

When it is time to replace the water pipes in your house, you will not know how much it will cost until you renovate the house. The replacement of sanitary pipes may be the best option, but this job is one of the more expensive routes. A rough estimate could put the cost of replacement plumbing at between $4,000 and $9,500, and repeated repairs in an Arlington sanitation emergency can add up to that cost. Costs can increase depending on the size of a home and the size of your project.

How do I unclog my main sewer without a cleanout?

You may be able to remove blockages in the sewer system with a plunger. Choose a toilet on the ground floor. Cover the tub, sink and shower drains with adhesive tape to prevent the force emanating from the plunger dissipating through the pipes and concentrating to the blockage. Get a bellows or force-ball plunger, place it over the toilet bowl, let it sink and then plunge away. You will know that this technique works when the stagnant water in the toilet starts to drain. When this happens, pour 2 to 3 gallons of very hot water into the toilets to help dissolve blockage.

How much are your plumbing costs and fees?

All Masters Plumbing is very economical. Our fee for a 20-minute diagnosis is a low $49, which is deducted after you get an estimate and choose our service for the repair. We also have the annual All Masters Plumbing Club Membership, a program that includes a number of maintenance services and inspections, plus discounts on any plumbing work done throughout the year. For $250 a year, you receive a free annual drain cleaning, a free water heater flushing, 15 percent off plumbing work up to $1000 and 10 percent off work over $1000, visual inspections and reduced service fees. Every replacement, every repair, every service we provide is under warranty, so you can trust All Masters Plumbing to get the job done right.

How much does a plumbing job in Arlington Texas cost on average?

A plumber ranges from $45 to $200 per hour or more depending on the job, timing and location. According to project data from HomeAdvisor members, it ranges between $172 and $456 with an average cost of $313. Services may include drain cleaning, faucet replacement or installation, and toilet repair.

I have contracted All Masters Plumbing on several occasions in the past. They are the most dependable and professional plumbing company I have dealt with. I know I will be given an estimate I can trust each and every time. Honesty and quality are the most significant reasons why I choose All Masters Plumbing for my residential plumbing needs. I know the job will be completed on time and fixed right the first time. I will continue to use All Masters Plumbing and I strongly recommend them to everyone.

Sgt. Duane C.

I was very pleased with All Masters Plumbing.  They were prompt, courteous, and very professional.  I was also pleased with the how affordable they were when they did my job.  I will definitely call you back if I have a future plumbing issue in HEB. Thank you very much.


Doris M.

As a woman, I can say that when it comes to the toilet I can use it, clean it, flush it, but that’s it! So I was frustrated when my toilet started running in a constant, annoying way. My friend told me about a recent plumbing issue that she had, and recommended All Masters Plumbing to me. I called and they came that day. They had my toilet fixed in no time. I haven’t had another problem since. They were excellent, fast and reliable and didn’t break my bank! Thanks All Masters Plumbing!


Lesli C.

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