Hydro Jetting Service Near Arlington TX

At All Masters, our goal is to provide lasting plumbing solutions for both our residential and commercial customers’ needs. This means that we continue to expand our methods to remain on the cutting edge of effective techniques for tough sewer clogs.

All our professional plumbers are licensed, insured, trained, and certified to deliver top of the line hydro jet drain cleaning services in Arlington and across the greater DFW Metroplex. We can help you in both residential and commercial situations. Whether you’re a homeowner or property manager, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for all your hydro jetting plumbing needs.


Hydro Jetting Service in Arlington TX

Are you facing a stubborn clog in your pipe that a traditional drain cleaning service can’t resolve? Is it beyond the reach of an auger or snake, requiring something more effective? We can help.

Hydro jet drain cleaning is highly effective at cleaning main lines that contain build up or a blockage such as a tree root. Our jetter uses high pressure water to deal with even the worst plumbing lines. It can reach far into the sewer drain to access tough clogs, returning it to a “like new” state.


Our Drain Jetting Process

So what is hydro jetting? Hydro jetting plumbing involves cleaning with high-pressure water streams to eliminate debris and buildup in main lines. When we talk about hydro jet sewer cleaning, we mean washing the sewer lines or drain at a pressure ranging from 1800 psi to 7000 psi per minute using water as the liquid. In a nutshell, hydro jetting plumbing means cleaning or unclogging your drains with extreme water pressure.

What sets it apart from other drain cleaning techniques is that it can resolve the most stubborn clogs imaginable, and reach deep into the system to do so. It requires heavier machinery and must be done by professionals.

Hydro jetting is great for residential properties and also well suited for commercial buildings, particularly restaurants with grease buildup. It’s a process that requires skill, as it combines high-pressure and high-speed water to get rid of buildup and blockages in piping. It’s one of the most effective methods for clearing clogged lines. (Of course, maintenance is necessary in commercial settings to keep the lines flowing freely in the future.)

If a clog or tree root is the issue this will be resolved through our high pressure water jetting service. Of course, if are in an older home your sewer line might also suffer from collapsed piping vs a clog. Our experienced pros will inspect the problem, to the root of the problem, and solve it. We offer trenchless repairs including cured in place solutions which save both time and money.


Cutting-Edge Drain Hydro Jetting Services in Arlington TX

We often get calls from people in the DFW region who tried to resolve their drain issue with a plumbing snake, plunger, or auger but fell short. When this is the case, the reason is because the problem is often out of reach and requires more power and reach.

The team at All Masters is here to serve you with the best in class hydro jetting service in the Arlington area.

We Use the Best in Class Hydro Jetting Machine

Courtesy of our advanced Hydro-Scrub Hydro Jetting drain cleaner, we perform reliable, quick, and effective drain cleaning services that restore your plumbing system to its efficient and smooth flowing state. It comprises a high-pressure hose, strength nozzle, large water tank, and a machine that controls and pressurizes the water flow. We can run hot and cold water, depending upon the nature of the clog.

The nozzle is strategically positioned at the clean-out, the component of your plumbing system that allows debris removal. It ensures there’s sufficient pressure for it to pull itself out through the pipe when cleaning the drain. A maximum of 3500 psi of water propels the Hydro-Scrub forward, paving the way for debris to flow down into the sewer.

Conventional cables can get the job done on small jobs, but sometimes clogs quickly return. Contrarily, drain jetting eliminates future problems as well. Plumbing snakes can push through the path of least resistance for the opening up small blockages, but at times this debris simply collects and lodges further down the pipe. This can cause another clogged drain in a hurry as the remaining soft deposits collect debris in the future.

Hydro jetting fully clears the main line of blockages, ranging from sludge and grease to soap, in addition to the removal of soft deposits for long-lasting drain cleaning services.

Emergency Clog Removal with Sewer Jetting

When you’re dealing with emergency clogs, hydro jetting service is the most efficient removal method. You can significantly benefit from this drain cleaning method, ushering in reduced stress on your home and curbing future issues from recurring.

Are you in need of emergency drain cleaning? The team at All Masters is available to get your plumbing system flowing freely again.

Hydro Jetting Is More Effective At Longer Distances

One of the most incredible aspects of how hydro jetting works is far it can reach into the system. Most machines have the uncanny ability to reach to 500 feet and provide the same water speed and cleaning effect at this great distance.

Industrial snaking (cable machines) are more effective at shorter distances and limited to a certain amount of power. The machines’ torque is absorbed into the cables, losing their ability to function seamlessly at prolonged intervals.

The hydro jetting technology quality is constant, regardless of whether the clog is 300 to 500 feet from the house, near the street, or 50 feet into the drain. It’s no secret that a growing number of sewer and drain companies in Arlington and around DFW refer hydro jetting jobs to us. We have invested in the equipment, have trained our staff, and can provided top notch and affordable service.

Call us to determine the necessary price to unclog your main drain line based on the severity of the issue. The hydro jet rooter service calls for an advanced machine that we will to your property. High-pressure water will effortlessly slice through the heavy buildup in the pipes, and this includes any type of sludge or roots on its path.


Given that it uses high-pressure water, hydro jet sewer cleaning is not compatible with all plumbing systems. Although the process works with newer piping, you need to tread carefully if you have an older home. The reason is that the hydro jet drain cleaning process can compromise older piping. We will perform an inspection prior to recommending hydro jetting to confirm it’s safe for your plumbing system.

A multitude of professionals such as our team at All Masters Plumbing also uses a camera to get a clear view of the inside of your drains and pipes, unveiling solid obstacles and tree roots. Let’s talk about how much hydro jetting will cost.

Cost of Hydro Jetting Service in Arlington TX

The hydro jet drain cleaning cost is largely based on the severity of blockages and buildup within your piping and your plumbing system’s scope. That said, we price this service on the length of time it takes to resolve it, and if hot or cold water is needed.

The cost of hydro jetting varies by region and the severity of your clog. Depending on geographic location, the cost of hydro jetting generally starts around $550, and can increase from there. That said, this is not an exact price quote. It’s best to have a trained technician inspect your line and tell you exactly what hydro jetting will cost to resolve your problem.

We are happy to discuss your situation by phone and give you an idea of what hydro jetting will cost at your home or business. Reach out to us today for the same-day quote.

At All Masters Plumbing, we provide financing options for affordable and accessible plumbing throughout Arlington, Texas.

What Next After the Hydro Jet Rooter Service?

Once the hydro jet sewer cleaning process is complete, a camera is used to determine the success. It’s at this point that plumbing problems such as existing pipe damage becomes more apparent if present. If the true blockage is the result of old deteriorating pipes, we can help you understand what it will take to replace these as well.

How Often Should Hydro Jet Sewer Cleaning Be Done?

For most homeowners, we highly recommend that the main sewer lines of your home are cleared and cleaned every 18 to 24 months. More issues may crop up frequently for older plumbing systems, requiring maintenance every few months or perhaps entire pipe replacement.

For commercial buildings or restaurants, grease build up will call for much more frequent hydro jetting services. This could be every 12 to 18 months, but possibly every 6 months in a high volume or overly greasy situation. Get in touch so we can discuss the details of your situation to make a recommendation.


Preventative Maintenance

What’s the most ideal way to curb recurring clogs? Prevent them from occurring in the first place! This is especially true of restaurant drains that encounter a lot of greases, but also for homeowners too. With the hydro jet cleaning method, you’re assured of these results. Upon completing our services, your plumbing system and drain will be good as new.

Why Choose Our Hydro Jet Rooter Service?


Here are a few reasons why professional hydro jet drain cleaning in Arlington is a worthwhile investment. Here is a summary of 7 reasons.

1. Effectiveness

The major perks of hydro jetting plumbing versus snake or cable cleaning is that it gets the job done effectively on sludge, sand, grease clogs, and dirt. Where a cable simply passes through these materials and spreads them out, a hydro jetter eliminates them from the pipe.

Moreover, it’s possible to cut roots more efficiently with the hydro jet rooter service. Although the conventional techniques of unclogging a drain like snaking can get the job done, they’re incomparable to hydro jet sewer cleaning effectiveness.

It’s also a foolproof way to curb future plumbing issues that may crop up as it thoroughly cleans pipes in addition to unclogging them.

2. Diminishes Bacteria

You may not realize this, but hydro jet drain cleaning can lend to a cleaner environment for your family. It’s a no-brainer that piping and plumbing systems are breeding grounds for a host of bacteria. The buildup of unsavory elements causes an awful smell coming from your pipes. Hydro jetting gets rid of the grime trapped in your pipe, ushering in a more sanitary plumbing system.

3. Increased Flexibility

Hydro jetting plumbing accesses places that are otherwise difficult to reach. It’s common for older homes to have difficult to navigate or fragile plumbing systems. The flexibility of the hydro jetting drain cleaner allows your plumber to access the hard-to-reach places without damaging your piping in the process.

4. Affordability

Contrary to other drain cleaning methods, hydro jetting is a relatively affordable way to rid your sewer lines and pipes of obstructions. It uses pressurized water to clean out clogs, making it less expensive than opening up piping to clear them. Moreover, hydro jetting saves you money in the long run by keeping your plumbing system spick and span and functioning optimally.

5. Environmentally and Economically Safe

Hydro jet drain cleaning is an economical choice compared to other options. These high-pressurized jets break up and eliminate the clog instead of simply clearing a path through the pipe. In turn, this makes for clean, long-lasting piping. Moreover, hydro jetting is an eco-friendly option because it doesn’t entail the use of harsh chemicals as seen in other drain cleaning techniques.

6. Powerful

A hydro jetting drain cleaner is the most powerful machine that a professional plumber has in their arsenal to unclog and clean your pipes. It comes in a vast assortment of strengths and sizes, making it an ideal tool for various areas. It’s a beast at cleaning the toughest roots, rocks, clogs, and debris, all without damaging your pipes.

7. Doesn’t Leave Odors

Given that pressurized water is used in hydro jetting, no strong chemicals or acid is used that ushers in health risks and leaves behind a pungent odor in your home or office. Moreover, it gets the job done faster, which means fewer people face exposure to possible contaminants.

Is Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning Worth it?

Yes, it can be worth it if you have persistent clogs or buildup that other methods can’t clear, or if you want to maintain the health and longevity of your pipes. It will save money in the long run by avoiding frequent drain calls.

All Masters Plumbing For Professional Hydro Jetting Services Near Arlington TX and DFW

If you’ve started noticing your plumbing acting up, clogged or slow drains, and pooling water in your sinks or showers, hydro jet drain services are long overdue.

Our team of plumbers have been delivering superior hydro jet sewer cleaning services for customers all across DFW, and can help you too. We service every location, so if you need help in DFW give us a call today. 

We’ll have one of our licensed plumbers at your home or business to thoroughly assess any issues and offer affordable and viable solutions, so reach out to us today!


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