Consumers all around Dallas-Fort Worth are faced with a variety of plumbing companies to choose from. The larger company choices include Baker Brothers, Benjamin Franklin, Berkeys, Milestone, Cathedral, Rescue Rooter, Ernie’s Plumbing, and of course Roto-Rooter. Outside of the “big boys,” each city, of course, has smaller plumbing company choices such as Direct Source, Tom’s Plumbing, and J Rowe in the plumber Arlington Texas area. So who should you choose? We have a strong bias since we are a plumbing company ourselves, however, here are some helpful guidelines you can follow when choosing a local plumbing company.

Availability: The ability to show up fast is often the first consideration you will have when hiring a plumbing company. Larger companies such as Baker Brothers and Benjamin Franklin have a lot of trucks on the road. This is also true of Berkey’s and the others. You might assume the more trucks or vans equals more availability, but this may or may not be the case. Since large plumbing companies like Milestone advertise widely, you should always check their availability rather than assume. On the other end of the spectrum, very small companies often operate with just the owner and/or a helper. This can severely limit their response time. The first question you should ask when calling a plumbing is “when can you come out?” Ask for them to commit to a time range.

Price: The cost of your plumbing service matters, but this should not be the only consideration. The saying “you get what you pay for” often applies, and especially to licensed plumbers. All of the large plumbing companies from Roto Rooter to Cathedral and Ernie’s Plumbing are going to have licensed plumbers on staff. This is usually not the issue when dealing with them. If you are simply looking for the cheapest plumber, you can find one, but this is where you may have issues with them actually being licensed. Certain plumbing repairs dealing with gas lines, water lines, and water heater replacement require state licensure. So when asking about price, also ensure they carry the proper license.

It’s important to understand that large plumbing companies operate on a rigid, fixed cost structure. It’s expensive to carry a large staff, taxes, insurance, all those vehicles and of course radio, TV, and full-page advertising. Many consumers feel the cost of hiring a large plumbing company is more expensive for this reason alone. This is not always the case, but as the consumer feel free to get a couple of estimates even if it’s not about your specific job. For example, a plumbing company will have a hard time estimating cost over the phone, but you can ask about standard pricing. For example, how much is a new water heater installed? What do you charge for affordable drain cleaning? By asking about general pricing with a few companies you will see the general difference in their pricing. Just remember, you often get what you pay for but there is no need to overpay for plumbing services with big cost structures they must pay for with every plumbing call.

Reviews: Customer happiness is what every plumbing company should strive for. It’s safe to say the large companies in DFW including Baker Brothers, Benjamin Franklin, Berkeys, Milestone, Cathedral, Rescue Rooter, Ernie’s Plumbing, and Roto-Rooter all care about their customers. However, with high volume can come the challenge of consistency. Take time to look at the online reviews of any plumbing company you plan to hire. No local plumbing company has 100% good reviews, but you should see a strong pattern of service and customer satisfaction. If not, feel free to ask the plumbing company directly about your concern. There might be a reasonable explanation, and sometimes consumers simply exaggerate claims in hopes to receive something free in return. Be a discerning consumer, and check it out.

Still unsure of who to choose as a plumber? Have you considered Baker Brothers, Benjamin Franklin, Berkeys, Milestone, Cathedral, Rescue-Rooter, Ernies Plumbing, and Roto-rooter but still unsure? Want to make an informed choice, and limit your risk by having guaranteed work? We welcome you to give All Masters a call today. We are a medium sized plumbing company that serves all of DFW. While you may not hear us on the radio or TV, our prices will reflect great service without all the additional overhead. Give us a call today at 817-200-4703

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