Expert Slab Leak Repair in Arlington Texas

When you think of an plumbing company, you might think of a professional who comes in and fixes a clogged drain, but the technicians of plumbing company Arlington TX also offer expertise in fixing plumbing slab leaks in Arlington, but also across the Metroplex. Don’t risk high water bills and damage to your home’s foundation. If you suspect you have a slab leak, get in touch with a professional leak detection company as soon as possible.

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Why Do Arlington TX Residents Need Slab Leak Repair?

What’s a slab leak?

A leak in a water line that runs below a concrete floor is a slab leak, and the term comes from what the insurance companies call this plumbing problem. Sometimes a slab leak is called a foundation leak by industry professionals.

You may assume that a slab leak is a giant, gaping hole in a pipe that’s allowed a rushing torrent of water to escape, but that’s not actually the case. The hole in a pipe from a slab leak is actually very small, but it does allow water to escape and cause problems. Eventually that leak can grow.

What causes slab leaks?

A few things may cause slab leaks, but they commonly occur in copper pipes. Reasons why your home might develop a slab leak include corrosion from soil that comes into contact with the pipes under your home. Other slab leaks develop because of shifts in the ground or the intrusion of tree roots into the pipes, as well as construction issues that lead to eventual holes in the pipes.

Sometimes, a process known as electrolysis can corrode pipes, and this may occur when electric lines that run underneath the slab energize the pipes and cause corrosion. Essentially, the ground around the pipes becomes charged, and corrosion begins on the interior or exterior of the pipe.

Commonly, the pressures that develop on your home’s pipes will cause slab leaks because pipes bend over time and eventually bend so far that a hole is created. If you catch the problem before it can do major damage to your home, one of the best slab leak solutions is simply repairing that section of pipe. Contact All Masters Plumbing, your slab leak repair and detection company in Arlington Texas.

Slab leaks aren’t something most homeowners need to confront every few years like clogged drains and malfunctioning water heaters, but they’re a potentially serious complication that may harm your home if you’re not aware of them.

Arlington Slab Leak Detection and Repair: Trust the Experts

Slab leak detection may require a visual analysis of the area, but usually also requires additional steps. For example, we may take a look at your water meter or perform a pressure test on your system. Slab leak detection cost depends on how invasive our tests need to be to confirm the leak.

Slab Leak Repairs in Arlington Texas Slab leak detection equipment allows for an acoustic survey of your home, and it’s one of the ways we can conduct under slab leak detection without taking a jackhammer to the foundation.

Why Fix Slab Leaks Quickly?

You may assume that higher water bills are the main problem with slab leaks, but continued water escaping under your home can eventually displace soil and may cause some quite severe problems with the foundation.

You’ll want to look at & slab leak repair options as quickly as possible to reduce the harm the leak does to your home. In addition, catching a leak early helps reduce overall slab leak repair cost. If you fix it before it impacts the foundation of your home, you’ll pay a lot less than if heavy equipment and significant renovation are required because of leak damage.

Common Signs of Slab Leaks

It’s helpful to be aware of common symptoms of a slab leak so that you can call for help in a timely manner when you start experiencing these issues. A slab leak is often something that’s not immediately obvious, and by the time you notice it, there’s already some damage that requires slab leak repair in Arlington TX, or repipe underneath the cement.

You may have a slab leak if:

  • You have an unusually high water bill.
  • You hear running water when all faucets are off
  • The water meter has been moving oddly
  • You notice oddly warm spots on the floor
  • The ground around your home is wet like it just rained

Tip: If the pipes in your or home aren’t brand new, you might want to think about whether your homeowner’s insurance policy features slab leak repair insurance, particularly if you’ve had other problems with your pipes in recent years.

Trust All Masters Plumbing for slab leak detection and repair of any size leak. We have the tools and expertise necessary to fix anything from a small leak in a single pipe to a major problem under your home that’s impacted the foundation. If you suspect a leak in the pipes under your home, give us a call, and we’ll diagnose the problem and recommend a fix. We also provide slab leak repair in Mansfield, TX and other local cities, including Plano slab leak repair.

What is a Slab Leak?

A slab leak is a plumbing leak under the concrete slab of your home’s poured foundation. Both supply pipes and drains run through your concrete slab and can develop water leaks. These slab leaks can range small to large, and produce signs. Leak detection is often required to first locate the place of the plumbing leak before repairs can be made. 

How do you locate a slab leak?

Locating a slab leak (also known as leak detection) should be done by a trained professional. First, they will locate the water main and utilize various water shut off valves. If the water meter still indicates usage outside of the main water line, they will move their focus inside. Second, a hydrostatic plumbing test will be performed to confirm there is a water leak under your slab. They will check both cold and hot water supplies. Third, leak detection equipment will be used to identify the leak placement in the floor. (This sometimes looks like metal detection gear.) If the leak is big enough, wet spots on the floor near the leak will be present. Forth, the leak detection expert will mark the area that is in need of slab leak repair. 

What causes a leak in the slab?

There are several causes of a plumbing leak in the concrete slab. First, sometimes a faulty pipe could have been used during installation. Second, a small pinhole can develop causing a slab leak from sediment in the water. Third, and a very common cause, is a shifting foundation. When cracks develop in your concrete slab, this can cause a leak to the pipe in the slab. Forth, pipes can simply break down over time from chemical reactions, usage, and more. 

Is a slab leak serious?

A plumbing leak in your slab can range from a small repair to a serious one, depending upon the nature of the leak, its location, and the length of time it has leaked. Let’s take location: Even a small leak located under your concrete slab in an area like your kitchen can be serious due to the nature and time of repairing it. When digging into your concrete slab to access the slab leak is required, it can mean disruption to your family for up to 2 days or more. Some slab leaks are more serious in nature due to the size of the water leak, and how long the leak has persisted. If caught early, a slab leak is often less serious. If you ignore a slab leak, it can develop into a more serious repair as other materials may have been damaged as a result. 

How long does it take to repair a slab leak?

The time it takes to repair a slab leak will depend upon its location and the materials in play. A standard time to repair a slab leak is 1-3 days. If a standard slab leak is being repaired beneath a concrete slab, it will often take 1 day to locate and excavate the concrete in order to access the pipes in need of repair. It will then take 1-2 more days for the concrete to fully cure, with plans for the floor replacements to follow. The best policy is to call an Arlington slab leak detection and repair company as soon as you suspect a leak in your slab. 

How much does it cost to repair a slab leak?

The cost to repair a slab leak depends upon the size and location. The average cost to fix a slab leak in Arlington TX is $2,000-$2,500. Often, plumbing companies will use an outside leak detection company and this cost will be $350-500 on its own. Sometimes this cost is paid to the leak detection company by the plumber you have called to find the plumbing leak. The cost of the actual slab leak repair will then be charged according to the job itself. While it could be as low as $1,000, it can also go as high as $5,000 depending upon the slab leak. 

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