Who’s up for great tips for saving water? Many homeowners could benefit from becoming more conscious of their water usage. And besides, who doesn’t want to save money on their water bill each month? As a professional and licensed plumber, we want to help you save money on your water bill and stay eco-conscious at the same time. We put together a big list of water saving tips for you, so check it out below. (For other helpful home checklists, such as remedies for pest control, go here Official Pest Pros.)

Here are 30 home water conservation tips which are easy for anyone to implement in a home with minimal effort:

  1. Only run your dishwasher and washing machine when they’re completely full.
  2. Place ice cubes on top of the soil in potted plants, hanging baskets, etc. to prevent water overflow.
  3. Turn off the water while shampooing your hair, shaving or soaping your body.
  4. Consider installing an independent tankless water heater for your kitchen sick to prevent having to run the water while it heats. 
  5. Avoid taking baths: take shorter showers instead of filling up the bathtub, whenever possible.
  6. Pour out unused water bottles, ice cubes, glasses of water and pet bowls in plants instead of the drain.
  7. Insulate hot water pipes to get hot water faster, which avoids wasting water while you wait for it to heat.
  8. Repair leaky faucets immediately as they occur (one drip can waste up to five gallons daily).
  9. Set your water softener on the minimum amount of refills.
  10. Keep a pitcher of water in your fridge to pour glasses of water – that way; it goes into your glass and not down the drain when running your tap.
  11. Don’t use your toilet as a garbage can. Throw tissues, squashed bugs and other waste in the trash, rather than flushing down the toilet, which wastes water unnecessarily.
  12. Defrost food in the refrigerator rather than under hot water.
  13. When hand washing dishes, fill the sink with water to wash and rinse rather than running the tap the entire time.
  14. Cut back the rinsing cycle on your dishwasher, especially if it’s a newer model.
  15. Reuse bath towels rather than throwing them in the laundry every time.
  16. Avoid watering your lawn or outdoor plants on windy days – most of the water evaporates or blows away anyway.
  17. Replace your shower head with a low flow, water-saving shower head.
  18. Install low water flow faucet aerators in your sinks.
  19. Place sprinklers in an area where they only reach plants – not your home.
  20. Test your toilet for leaks once a year – sometimes the links can be silent.
  21. Avoid running water as you shave, brush your teeth or wash your face.
  22. Replace or fix the handles to flush your toilet when they begin to stick, which can cause water to constantly run.
  23. As you wait for hot water to run from the tap, place a pitcher underneath and utilize the cool water for plants.
  24. When purchasing new appliances, like dishwashers, washing machines and ice makers, consider water-saving systems.
  25. Implement the proper type of irrigation system for your lawn to prevent over watering.
  26. Soak pots and pans before scrubbing so you can quickly clean, rather than running water while you scrub.
  27. Become aware of signs that you’re overwatering plants – most plants die from over-watering, not under-watering.
  28. Position gutters and downspouts to allow water runoff from the roof to water plants and trees.
  29. Utilize pumps that recirculate water in fountains, ponds and pools.
  30. Always wash dark clothes in cold water – it saves water, energy and helps to maintain vibrancy of colors.

How many of these do you use? Once you become more conscious of these water saving tips, you will begin to notice a difference in your monthly and annual water bill. Of course, these assume you are using municipal water as your main supply. Using water from a well carries its own special considerations, some of which are mentioned here by Pruitt Water LLC

If you have noticed your water bill increase even after implementing some of these tips, it’s possible that you might have a different issue at hand. You might have a plumbing leak. While some leaks are noticeable, others are more hidden such as under slab leaks in your foundation. Often a silent water waster, if you notice wet areas on your floor without explanation or discoloration on your exterior foundation, give us a call today. Our licensed plumbers will use the latest leak detection equipment to help identify any possible leaks without causing disruption to your flooring. 

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