Need to Find a Water Leak Under the Slab in Plano?

Did you know a water leak under your slab can lead to large repair bills? It’s important to take action on a slab leak repair in your Plano home as soon as you suspect a problem. If you allow a water leak to go unmaintained, it can worsen over time and develop into a far more serious problem including water damage.

All Masters Plumbing is the experienced authority when it comes to slab leak detection and slab leak repairs in your Plano property. We routinely deal with plumbing repairs such as water leaks under your slab, and carry advanced leak detection equipment to find them fast.

Give us a call today for experienced slab leak repair service in Plano to prevent unnecessary and costly future problems.

Under Slab Leak Detection & Slab Leak Repair in Plano

A quick look at our positive reviews are a great sign of why customers in Plano trust us to fix the water leaks under their property’s slab. Whether it is residential or commercial, you can rely upon us to handle the plumbing leaks you are facing with efficiency, diligence and skill that you would expect from an experienced slab leak repair service in Plano.

Detecting Slab Leaks: What to Look for

There are a few ways to detect a water leak under your slab if you suspect a plumbing problem. Since gravity pulls everything down, water from a pipe burst can initially go unseen, but it will eventually find its way out. This will initially show up through slight drops in water pressure.

The water will creep and pool in the lower elevation portion of your slab, dripping slowly (or sometimes rapidly) until it emerges up through the floor or exterior wall of your foundation.

Short of visible signs, which may take a while to manifest, a good way to learn of an under slab leak is a rising water bill.

Of course, if you have experienced foundation problems either recently or in the past, plumbing leaks can often emerge before, during, or after such work.

Due to the average cost of foundation repairs in Plano, some homeowners don’t think about calling in a plumber to inspect their lines for leaks since they are trying to minimize the expense. Slab leak detection isn’t always at the forefront of a foundation company’s mind, as their focus is on leveling your home.

Need someone with a dedicated focus on finding and fixing pipe water leaks under your concrete slab? Call All Masters Plumbing to get to the source of the problem.

What are Additional Signs of Under Slab Plumbing Leaks?

Additional signs of a plumbing leak from pipes under your slab are cold or warm spots on your floor, caused by water damage from the broken pipework underneath. If you notice these wet spots, yet can’t seem to explain how they have happened, take note and let a Plano plumber know where you are finding them. This will help speed up the leak detection process.

There are additional signs that are more subtle, and can be hard to notice for someone who is not trained in locating plumbing leaks.

All Masters will often do a hydro-static test, and this helps determine any pressure drops as it relates to specific plumbing lines in your property. To see if you have a water leak under your Plano, Texas slab, it is best to call a professional from All Masters Plumbing to come do an inspection.

Our track record is excellent when it comes to both detecting and fixing water leaks under your slab. Our customers love our straightforward approach, and our technicians are not only skillful but are kept up to date on all the news and innovations within the plumbing industry.

If you are in fear that you might have a water leak under your slab, the last thing you want to do is wait. Waiting will only allow the water damage to spread, worsen, and ultimately cost you a lot more money from the hard costs of fixing and restoring your home in the end.

It is better to have peace of mind by calling a professional leak detector in Plano to come out and take a look for you. If there is any need for slab leak repair, All Masters Plumbing is the first company you want on the task.

The faster the project is fixed, the less water damage you will have to your home, and the faster you can get your life back to normal.

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