Water Heater Repair and Water Heater Replacement Services in Irving, Texas

Water Heater Repair and Replacement Irving TX Most people don’t think about their home’s water heater until an issue comes up – whether it’s the surprise of an ice cold shower or a basement flood. When an issue arises with your water heater, you want it fixed and you want it fixed fast.

That’s where All Masters Plumbing comes in! Our team of experts can help you determine whether your water heater needs repair or, in some cases, must be fully replaced. If you find yourself with a water heater issue within the Irving, Texas area or other surrounding communities, we can help you sort out any water heater service or replacement needs you may have.

Deciding on Irving Water Heater Repair or Replacement Needs

If you’re unsure of the issue, we’re happy to provide an expert consultation to help you assess the problem with your current water heater. From there, we can recommend whether you need to replace your water heater all together or if the issue is one that can benefit from repair.

The main issues that generally arise in water heaters consist of the following, depending on the type of water heater you have:

  • Gas water heater’s pilot light turns off
  • Electric heater’s circuit breaker trips
  • Failed burning/heating element
  • Valve breaks or sticks
  • Broken Thermostat

These are all issues our experts will look for to help you assess the damage to your current water heater.

If a water heater simply needs repair, the good news is that the cost of replacement parts is relatively inexpensive.

However, if your Irving home’s water heater tank is more than ten years old or if it begins to leak, it’s likely time to consider a replacement water heater. If this is the case, you’ll likely want to invest in a new conventional water heating unit that’s high-efficiency, which can save you a lot in energy costs. If you need a new water heater installed in Irving, find a contractor here.

All Masters Plumbing: No Hidden Costs in Water Heater Repair and Replacement Irving TX

As a long-standing member of the Irving community, we offer a combined 28+ years of plumbing experience. We are owned and operated by two master plumbers who care about both our customers and our community. Our company vision is to provide quality work that we stand behind, and to treat our residential and commercial customers with respect and service.

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