irving-texas A slab leak is often a very costly plumbing problem. Also referred to as a ‘foundation’ leak, this plumbing issue is often invisible or unseen to the average Irving homeowner. The problem occurs in your home’s foundation, or under your concrete slab. This isn’t your standard leaky faucet! However, the issues that can result from an under slab leak can be detected by the right professionals. All Masters has carried out slab leak repair in Irving, Texas for years and we can help you get to the root of the problem. If you care about the integrity of your home’s structure, it’s worth learning more about this plumbing problem. In this post, you’ll learn about slab leak detection, and how to repair it.

Irving Residents: What’s a Slab Leak?

First of all, let’s look at slab leak repair in more detail. It’s a fairly common plumbing issue in Irving and the surrounding Texas area that can begin from the smallest of sources. It’s essentially a leak in the water line (often a copper pipe) that runs below your concrete floor. It’s often a very small crack or weakness in the pipe, but the symptoms can go unchecked for months. When the leak grows, water damage can become a problem but common results are a loss of water pressure and increased water bills. Slab leak repair is rarely a simple process, because it takes skill and experience to correctly locate the plumbing leak under your Irving slab. All Masters has experience with the proper leak detection equipment to help avoid unnecessary intrusion, and we can help fix the source of the leak. 

What Causes the Plumbing Foundation Leak?

slab-leak-repair-irving-tx-detection There are a variety of causes that lead to foundation plumbing leaks. In Irving, we’ve noticed they occur commonly in copper pipes, however, that’s not always the case. Typically, it’s the corrosion that slowly erodes the pipe. It leaves it weak, and ultimately a plumbing leak can begin to appear. Irving has a clay based soil type, so it’s also very common for shifting foundations to put pressure on the pipes. In other cases, faulty construction could be the true source of an under slab leak but time worsens the conditions which lead to water finding its way out later within your concrete slab. Eventually, the overwhelming pressure bends the pipes, and causes holes to appear. The symptoms will be lost water pressure, and in other cases damp or wet areas that become visible on the floor or on the exterior foundation walls of your Irving, TX home. 

Get Help with Slab Leak Detection in Irving Today

Slab leak repair isn’t something that you can plan for, and it often comes as a surprise. It’s not a plumbing issue you address once a year, like clogged drains. It can strike at any time, and it’s not immediately obvious. Instead you must be able to recognize the symptoms. Here are the common signs that homeowners can spot:

  1. Your water bill is higher than average
  2. You may hear water running, even with the faucets off
  3. Your water meter is showing unusual movements
  4. Your ground floor may have unusually warm spots
  5. The soil surrounding your house is constantly wet

Why Repair Your Irving Slab Leak Quickly?

Slab leaks don’t just send your water bill sky-high, it can also damage your foundation’s concrete slab. A plumbing leak can disrupt the structural foundation because it weakens the soil below. Catching the problem early will reduce your slab leak repair costs, and save your foundation. (Note: if you live in a nearby city you can find related posts here: Plano residents and Arlington residents.)

Trust the experts: All Masters Plumbing Can Help Fix Your Leak

This is a repair that you should entrust to the licensed plumbers at All Masters. It involves a delicate process to reduce intrusion damage to your floor as we use advanced leak detection equipment. We have the specific tools and equipment for the job, and we don’t have to take a jackhammer to “poke around” during the leak detection process. We will conduct a static pressure test on your system to help detect the problem, and assess the seriousness of the leak. If you suspect you may have a slab leak in your Irving home, give our slab leak repair specialists a call today.

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