Should You Replace Plumbing Pipes During a Remodel?

Should You Replace Plumbing Pipes During a Remodel?

If you are looking into remodeling your home, or specific rooms such as the bathroom or kitchen, then you might be asking yourself if you should consider replacing your plumbing system or leaving it just as it is. Considering that the time during your remodel is when the plumbing will be at its height of exposure (which is incredibly rare), you might want to take advantage of the opportunity to make edits to your plumbing system. Major remodels can expose a number of other issues inside your home that weren’t visible prior. This includes materials that may need to be upgraded, but also a realization that you need to call a pest control company. This is especially true if you are embarking on a larger project such as a long-standing leak that led to bigger problems behind your walls, calling for mold remediation services.

Why Would I Want to Replace My Plumbing?

While it might not be necessary for every home, plumbing systems can wear over time, and after years of being in operation, it’s important to check up on your home to ensure that all of the plumbing is up to date and functional. If you’re remodeling any rooms, or remodeling the bathroom or kitchen, it’s important to take your plumbing system into consideration throughout the process.

For instance, remodeling often goes hand in hand with the property age. It’s common that new owners want to bring something new or fresh to the scene with homes that are older and need an update. This is the perfect opportunity to replace your plumbing or duct work for the air conditioning because it also gives you the opportunity to check on pipes that may have been worn or neglected over the years.

While the walls are down, and repairs are being made, it’s entirely understandable that your plumbing should be considered as well. Ensuring such repairs are done according to city code are especially important, as this will come up at the time of future sale. This Chicago plumber provides a list of repairs new homeowners care most about. Furthermore, with DIY projects on the rise many homeowners are also utilizing software including apps to better plan and execute their projects.

How Much Should I Replace?

How much you should replace varies depending on a few factors such as the age of the pipes, any visible deterioration, or any other issues that may have arisen from the plumbing system at hand. While replacing pipes can often seem like a financial burden to carry around, it’s actually quite helpful in the long run. Replacing rusty or corroded pipes, including leaking pipes that might later cause a slab leak can prove to be very beneficial in the long run. It will always save you more money in the long run you fix these issues as soon as possible. Keep plumbing pipes protected so they last.

What Materials Should I Use?

Once you decide if should you replace plumbing pipes during a remodel then you have to choose a material to replace them with. The most commonly chosen material for renewed water pipes and plumbing systems is copper. This isn’t the only high-demand material, but it is by far the most popular and sought after. Copper is a relatively easy material to work with, as it’s softer than iron or lead. It’s also an easier material to work with in terms of soldering or brazing. As an aside, it can be equally cost-effective to add attic insulation in Arlington that helps to reduce energy costs. While drywall is removed, you will save on labor costs but also long term energy bills. 

 How Much Will It Cost Me?

There are many changing answers to this question, depending entirely on the different outcomes that could happen with your remodel. For instance, if your remodel is something that you intend to do on your own, you won’t need to pay fees for extra hands or work in the building. It also relies on your material list. While your remodel may have a look to it that you’re trying to fit, it might not be the same for your plumbing. So feel free to contact All Masters Plumbing to ensure that your plumbing system stays up to date with remodels as they occur.

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