How do you properly clear a sewer or drain clog in Plano? You typically don’t unless you have the right equipment. Instead, you hire a team of professional plumbers (like us) to do it for you!

All Masters Plumbing offers drain cleaning and sewer repair within the Plano, TX area, and surrounding DFW Metroplex. We offer camera inspections of your sewer or drain to help pinpoint and resolve any clogs or blockages you may be experiencing. Trust us when we say that Drano is not going to remove a major clog, and using a powered snake without a camera can cause even more damage. This goes for many DIY drain cleaning methods currently on the market. 

We’re professional sewer and drain cleaning experts. Our team provides drain cleaning services to the Plano, TX community. We offer reasonable rates, reliable customer service, and our positive customer reviews speak for themselves.

Call now for an estimate or to schedule an appointment with one of our drain cleaners. We ensure you’ll receive both prompt and professional plumbing service today on removing clogs, as well as fixing leaks.

Call the Sewer Cleaning and Drain Cleaning Experts in Plano

All of our plumbing services are completed by highly trained experts within the plumbing field. For years, we’ve been the go-to experts within the Plano, Texas area. We are able to solve basic and complicated plumbing issues from drain and sewer cleaning to assessing more complex drain tiling problems through utilization of camera and video pipe inspection technology. We also offer hydro jet drain cleaning services for the most stubborn clogs.

Camera/Video Pipe Inspection Services Save You Money 

Our team of plumbing experts are skilled in the latest video and/or camera pipe inspection technology which saves you money by dealing with the root issue. (No pun intended.) This allows us to pinpoint any causes you may be having in your sewer or drain, and better assess the damage and repairs necessary. By placing a camera into your pipes and maneuvering it, we’re able to diagnose any specific problems you’re having and better understand how to best resolve the issue. As an aside, if you feel you may be entitled to insurance coverage for the drain issue you’re experiencing you should also consult a professional. Every state has insurance professionals who can provide 3rd party feedback, such as these highly regarded public adjusters for broken drain lines in Miami, FL.

By utilizing this sewer camera inspection technology, we can hone in on specific issues and their locations which we wouldn’t otherwise be able to access. This includes locating and diagnosing any sewer or drain issues, as explained by 247 drainage such as:

  • Blockages
  • Stoppages
  • Broken, collapsed or cracked pipes
  • Issues with your sewer or drain lines
  • Misaligned joints

Serving Plano: Where Customer Service is Our Top Priority

The team of licensed plumbers not only know how to get the job done, they know how to get it done properly and to your satisfaction. Our team is courteous, knowledgeable and prioritizes each job as if it’s a repair within our own home. That’s why our customers choose us for plumbing services for years to come. 

We also ensure that each drain cleaning repair is completed in the most affordable way possible. This will give you peace of mind and also help your budget. (Note: We also have water heater repair specials, and you can inquire here.)

Give us a call to schedule your drain or sewer cleaning in Plano, and to inquire about estimates and prices so we can restore your drain back to working condition. 


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