All Masters Plumbing offers drain cleaning service and sewer cleaning in Plano, TX, and surrounding DFW Metroplex. As a full-service Plano plumbing company, we can troubleshoot your clogged drain with a camera inspection of your sewer or drain problem to help pinpoint where the problem is located.

Our plumbing techs are experienced with both drain pipe and sewer line repairs, and can resolve any clogs or blockages with a wide range of techniques and methods. This includes the use of a professional drain snake or hydro jetting if your plumbing system is affected further down the drain line.

We are professional sewer and drain cleaning experts, and no plumbing issue is beyond our capabilities. We can help you with a clogged sink, shower drain, or sewer repair.

Our team provides drain cleaning services to the Plano, TX community on a regular basis. We offer reasonable drain service rates, reliable customer service, and our customer reviews speak for themselves.

Call an experienced Plano plumber now to schedule an appointment with one of our drain cleaners. We ensure you’ll receive both prompt and professional plumbing service today on removing clogs, and also water leak detection.


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Plano Drain Cleaning Service: Get a Camera Inspection

Our team of plumbers are skilled in using the latest video and camera pipe inspection technology. How does camera inspection help with drain cleaning? It helps save you money by helping to identify the cause and location of the drain clog. A camera inspection of your drain pipe or sewer line will also help us pinpoint any issues you may be having such as large obstructions, cracks, or roots intruding into your line. This is vital because ordinary drain cleaners may not realize there is something lurking that may cause emergency plumbing service down the road.

By placing a camera into your pipes and maneuvering it, we’re able to diagnose any specific problems you’re having and better understand how to best resolve the issue so it doesn’t return in the near future. By utilizing this sewer camera inspection technology, we can hone in on specific issues and their locations that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to access.

Our drain service can help diagnose a variety of sewer or drain issues, such as:

How do you properly clear a sewer or drain clog in Plano? Most homeowners are familiar with a plunger, snake, or DIY cleaning product, but if the drain clog is stubborn…it can be difficult to successfully clear it.

Instead, most Plano customers end up hiring our team of professional plumbers who come with the proper training and equipment.

Call the Drain Cleaning and Sewer Experts in Plano TX

All of our plumbing services are completed by highly trained experts. For years, we’ve been the go-to plumbers within the Plano, Texas area. We are able to solve basic and complex plumbing issues from drain and sewer cleaning to more complex drain pipe problems such as trenchless repair. We also offer hydro jet drain cleaning services which can utilize high and low pressure water to resolve the most stubborn clogs, even grease!

We ensure that each drain cleaning repair is completed using the best tool for the job and in the most affordable way possible. This will give you peace of mind and also help your budget. It’s not just sewer drain cleaning service, as we also offer water heater service, toilet repair, leak detection, and more.

Although we serve Plano drain cleaning customers, we also visit homes across DFW including Irving , Richardson , Arlington , and the HEB region .

Serving Plano TX: Where Drain Cleaning Customer Service is Our Top Priority

Give us a call to schedule your drain or sewer cleaning service in Plano. We can discuss estimates, specials, and prices so we can get your drain back to working condition.


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