How to Avoid Water Pressure Loss in Your Shower

Residents expect a steady stream of water as it gradually increases from cold to warm weather they turn their handle left or right. Insufficient water pressure can disrupt your rhythmic morning or evening routine. Insufficient water pressure can be a direct result of a clogged shower head. There are home remedies circulating around social media for how to unclog the showerhead. However, at All Masters Plumbing of Arlington Texas, we encourage our residents to contact one of the licensed professionals if they continue to experience insufficient water pressure, a slow drip of water or no water at all. Residents will find the potential causes of insufficient water pressure as well as ways to avoid it.

 Pressure Imbalance

Residents experiencing insufficient water loss are encouraged not to panic; there is a simple explanation. There will be a brief fluctuation in water pressure if the shower head has just been recently installed. Residents will experience this fluctuation first-hand during their first shower, however, the pressure should automatically adjust. Residents will experience an interruption in their water pressure if someone flushes the toilet at the same time someone is taking a shower. This interruption is common in showers that have a single handle that controls the water temperature and flow. Residents who would like to avoid this interruption have the option to invest in a thermostatic mixing valve. It provides two separate valves to control the water pressure and temperature. Some homeowners grow accustomed to living with inconsistent water pressure, but these issues can prove important during the resale of your home, as noted by Eufaula Homes expert.

Pipe Inconsistencies

As mentioned above, insufficient water pressure can be a result of a clogged water pipe. We often encourage residents not to panic since it can be fixed with ease. For example, residents can fill a plastic bag with vinegar and tie it to their shower head. After letting it sit for a couple of hours, the water pressure should flow without complications. Unfortunately, it is not always that simple. Pipes that have been obstructed or damaged will cause low water pressure. Signs of obstruction include water stains on the ceiling, floors, and walls. If residents recognize these stains, they are encouraged to contact a reputable residential home inspector to help assess where the problem has originated. We will send one our licensed professionals to inspect the damage and provide the resident with a respected plan of action.

 Clogged Showerhead

Residents experiencing insufficient water pressure tend to rise panic as it can either be something small or require serious work. A clogged showerhead can be solved by a home remedy such as the plastic bag and vinegar. We also encourage homeowners to remove the shower head and soak it in a cleaning solution of their choice for 10 minutes. Of course, if you have house cleaning services this task can easily be added to their to-do list. After the shower head has been soaking, residents can take a toothbrush or a tool with similar bristles to scrub away hard water stains, bacteria, and debris. If residents continue to experience insufficient water pressure, they can install a water softening system. The system will prevent the accumulation of mineral deposits caused by hard water. If the water loss continues, residents are encouraged to call their local professionals at All Masters Plumbing.

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